First of all I want to thank you for taking the time to visit my website.

From the time when I was a child, dancing and sports were important parts of my life.

When I turned 19 I went to live on my own as a full-time professional exotic dancer and teacher.
A few years later I was in desperate need of stability and got my live guard certificate which gave me a basic income and doing something with sports and caring for other people.

At the age of 23, I met yoga after a long search to find peace of mind and stability.

I worried about anything and everyone.
From the first private yoga session, I felt a strong desire to share this with people who want to discover their body and mind on a deeper level.

I was fascinated with nature and art and felt that the body is a piece of art.

At the end of my first yoga class, the teacher guided me into relaxation, which was special to me.

He said something about: "the silence within you", I felt that. It was a presence that never left me, indescribable, formless, the most personal and impersonal. I felt complete again.

From that moment on, I've deepened myself into classic yoga philosophy, didactics, and practices. I started teaching under the supervision of my teacher for the first 3 years after I started independently in my own practice at Ghent.

At that moment I studied anatomy and physiology in massage school. After 4 months I received my certificate as a massage therapist in 2016 and more courses and workshops followed:

- prenatal massage therapy in The Nederlands 2017

- QT healing (The Healing Garden - Sint-Martens-Latem - Belgium) 2017

- CranioSacral therapy (The Healing Garden - Sint-Martens-Latem - Belgium) 2018

- Acupressure on the feet (The Healing Garden - Sint-Martens-Latem - Belgium) 2019

- deep tissue massage & Tok Sen (ITM) in The Nederlands 2018 and 2019

- prenatal yoga workshop (Brussels - Belgium) and prenatal yoga teacher training online during the first lockdown in 2020(J. Tilly - Yoga Alliance)

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Yoga comes from the verb root "yuj" from ancient Sanskrit, which means to unite.

This so-called "separateness" was created by our separated thinking, which is therefore also the cause of suffering.


You could call the state of yoga oneness.

Then you are always aware of the fact that there is only bliss, silence, or completeness, in which thoughts, emotions, living beings,...appear and disappear.

Yogis have left ancient writings, such as the Vedas, from this state.

This gives a picture of what manifests (or rather disappears) in the state of yoga.


This is difficult for most to understand, as we always identify with this (aching) body, restless mind, unrequited feelings, unpleasant work environment, and so on. Since you can perceive and identify all these things it is proof that you are not that.

During the yoga classes, you are guided to observe the body, to become (and remain) aware of the breath. This requires some concentration, which causes the attention, breathing (life force, prâna, chi, qi, universal life energy,...), and the body to merge as one. Experiencing this is blissful.

This is sold in all kinds of (transcendental) meditation sessions, mindfulness, and quantum healing (at exorbitant prices), but comes down to the same thing: when you are present in all peace and transparency, completeness is experienced.


You can't do an experience, only live it as it manifests. What you can do is provide the time and space so that this experience can happen.

Hence, a weekly yoga class can be interesting.

The teacher guides the whole class, so you don't have to take time into account.
Furthermore, you are not disturbed because the space you need is not bigger than a yoga mat.


You learn step by step the approach of viniyoga, which is at the service of the practitioner.

In the first yoga year for beginners, you will be introduced to more than 40 body postures, the full yogi-breath, and meditation forms.

This method of adopting orthodox postures was passed on by a great yogi: Srî T. Krishnamacharya.

His disciple B.K.S. Iyengar also invested all his life in teaching âsana to the Westerner.


Personal guidance in the style of yoga that fits you most. 
Do you have a stressful life, experience anxiety, are you struggling with your health, do you want to become stronger and find your inner strength?
These and more topics are important to form the most effective private yoga class for you.

Also suitable for pregnant ladies in any stage of the pregnancy or postnatally.

Holistic Self-massage techniques and self-acupressure massage to relieve stress and pain, also possible with your partner to learn about massaging your partner (contact me for more information).

Online yoga classes (worldwide) are by appointment (e-mail or Whatsapp) and prepayment (PayPal) and cost € 30/75 minutes.

Please note that each appointment cannot be rebooked or canceled within 24 hours for free. Payment will be due.
Also in the case of a 'no show' on the day and time of the appointment is refund is not possible.
Disclaimer: If there's any doubt, visit your doctor to find out of yoga is suitable for you.

If you visit or live in Lokeren, you are welcome in my massage practice for holistic treatments: 60 / 90 /120 minutes.
Duo treatments are possible.
Find more information and prices here.